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What’s in the Wardrobe
Zebedee were asked to create an immersive experience within the popular East London event – Night Tales. Taking inspiration from C.S Lewis’s “The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe” Zebedee decided to create their own take on Narnia, by building a secret room like no other, hidden behind a modest wardrobe door. With no signage or indication to what was behind the wardrobe door, it left guest ferociously frustrated, thus allowing us to invite those brave enough to enter the mystery… For those who took a chance on the Wardrobe were not disappointed… Each night Zebedee created a fully immersive and interactive experience, From giggling Geisha’s, to bondage Nuns holding confession, to Vegas fitness gurus Patty and Bridget’s full body work out class. Some nights you found yourself having a cup of tea with the Nan’s or stumbling into in a Wedding party with a difference. There were nights when Tranny’s Ted and George were to be found in the wardrobe and others when the Unicorns where having a psychedelic tea party. December saw the wardrobe hit with snow, which bought the snow bunnies out to play who just wanted you to get down with them! As if this wasn’t enough each time you entered you were rewarded with a photograph to remember all the good times you had in there… some people however chose not have one, what happens in the wardrobe stay’s in the wardrobe!
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The Class of 1989
For The Prom, guests were invited to dress as if they were part an American school class graduating in 1989. The venue was set up like a classic high school prom complete with a disco ball, a balloon arch and a giant American flag. And so the scene was set for the drama and the contestants nominated for prom king and queen were introduced by Head of the prom comittee, Patty Lopez. Each character took to the stage accompanied by a song and gave a small speech to win the heart of the audience, then everyone was left to enjoy the party. The heat of the competition resulted in various forms of sabotage which meant that when they next took the stage, the contestants weren't looking so pretty. But in the name of true participation it was up to the audience to decide who won so who got crowned in the end was a real surprise for all of us. The success of the prom was due to audience integration- everyone who came contributed to the cooky 80s atmosphere by going all out on the costumes. It was a lot of fun.
The Twisted Toys Tea Party
The Twisted Toys Tea Party saw Zebedee Productions transform and old attic space in East London, into one hell of a twisted Feast. Guest were treated to an evening of theatrical delight as a cast of actors bought famous characters from everyone’s child hood to life…well, with a twist! From the lonely ballerina crying out from her jewellery box, to the perverted teddy bear, to the jack in the box that may of just lost all her marbles after being locked away for two long. To Molly and Polly the twisted rag doll sister who proved sister rivalry can have devastating consequences and of course Action Man and Ken who seemed particularly friendly with each other. These toy’s came together to take down the twisted Barbie’s and celebrated victoriously with guests, partying the night away in the attic…
The Messiah
Zebedee Productions presents Steven Berkoff’s “The Messiah”, a powerful and energetic portrayal of the most famous story ever told. “The Messiah” explores the humanity of Jesus and those surrounding him. Was Christ divine? or simply a clever manipulator, who realized that the Prophecies of the Old Testaments would never be fulfilled unless a sacrifice was made. This site-specific piece takes you out of the realms of reality. Journey down into the depth of the historic bunker and be absorbed within the dripping concrete walls of the underground world of Jesus and his followers. Bathed in candlelight you will be led around the different chambers as the story unfolds. From a Mothers love to a friend’s betrayal, you will enter into temptation and find yourself dinning with the Devil. Join Jesus Christ and his Disciples at the table of the Last Supper as they prepare for their biggest performance of all. A combination of Steven Berkoff’s skillful dynamic writing, and with the exhilarating physical performances, this Production of “The Messiah” promises to be a breathtaking and beautiful execution of the Story of Christ.
Legend has it that deep within the waters of the garden lives a mythical beauty. Recent sightings have cause commotion amongst local gardeners… however up until now know one has ever really known the truth, but rumour has it that some sailors have caught the biggest catch of their lives… but will you be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the mermaid of the lake…
Roaming Performances
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